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The China Study Centre (CSC) at Karakoram International University (KIU) is funded by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Government of Pakistan, which frames the core objectives to value the foreseeable consequences of the establishment of this Center with special reference to the benefits that will achieve from creating a social space, which facilitates to study and research on diverse arts, culture, history and polity of China, GB-Pakistan and surrounding mountainous region. Hence, there is a deep understanding that the study or promotion of culture, history, society and polity is a shared objective of proposed China Study Centre at KIU and other partner institutions.

The establishment of center aims to provide a base to learn not only Chinese society, but a window of opportunity to take advantage of this platform via developing research collaborations in Xinjiang and mainland China. These collaborations are key to conduct research with high relevance to GB. As referred above that, historically the GB (Pakistan) and Xinjiang (China) offer much in common to share, which includes languages, heritage sites, oral and documented traditions, religious traditions, socio-political and economic pacts, ethnography mapping of mountain communities, cultural diplomacy, etc. The commonalities of these wide range areas are significantly important to consider as an opportunity for collaboration between KIU, Chinese Universities and beyond.



  1. Study the geo-strategic and geo-economic dimensions of the Chinese Belt and Road initiative and CPEC to understand their long-term impact on Pakistan.
  2. Develop mechanisms to fully exploit the opportunities arising out of the China’s appetite for global talent and facilitate absorption of their graduates by Pakistani economy.
  3. Support higher education institutions (HEIs) in the development of human resource to implement CPEC Long Term Plan.
  4. Develop capacity of Pakistani universities for providing policy inputs to the government on the challenges emerging in the wake of implementation of CPEC Long Term Plan.
  5. Develop an understanding of Chinese history, culture and governance system that has created the Chinese miracle, while drawing lessons for own development.

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