• Address China Study Centre KIU, Gilgit 15100
  • Email csc@kiu.edu.pk
  • Phone +92 5811 960937
  1. Study the geo-strategic and geo-economic dimensions of the Chinese Belt and Road initiative and CPEC to understand their long-term impact on Pakistan.
  2. Develop mechanisms to fully exploit the opportunities arising out of the China’s appetite for global talent and facilitate absorption of their graduates by Pakistani economy.
  3. Support higher education institutions (HEIs) in the development of human resource to implement CPEC Long Term Plan.
  4. Develop capacity of Pakistani universities for providing policy inputs to the government on the challenges emerging in the wake of implementation of CPEC Long Term Plan.
  5. Develop an understanding of Chinese history, culture and governance system that has created the Chinese miracle, while drawing lessons for own development.

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