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PAKISTAN AND THE BELT & ROAD INITIATIVE A journey through Politics & Economy

Faqeer Muhammad, Saranjam Baig, Khalid Mehmood Alam, Attaullah Shah

Table of Contents




Chapter 1

Second Decade of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC-2.0):  Introduction Apprehensions and Concerns

Attaullah Shah

Chapter 2

Xinjiang: Strategic Nexus of the Silk Road Economic Belt – Opportunities and Challenges in the Belt and Road Initiative

ZhiJie Xu, Shaochang Guo

Chapter 3

China’s Dual Circulation Policy: Navigating Domestic Reform and Global Integration

Naveed Razaq, Faqeer Muhammad, Khair Muhammad

Chapter 4

The Promise and Peril of CPEC: Navigating Security Challenges in Regional Connectivity

Deedar Karim

Chapter 5

China’s Regional Engagement: Promoting Peace and Stability in Afghanistan and Pakistan through the Belt and Road Initiative

Ashiq Hussain, Iram Jaffar, Shahid Hussain

Chapter 6

Beyond Numerical Data: A Qualitative Study of the Marvels of Economic Development in China

Sajjad Haider ,Khalid Mehmood , Alam Jamal Hussain

Chapter 7

Powering Sustainable Futures: The Role of CPEC in Achieving Affordable and Clean Energy Access

Syed Waqas Haider Bukhari

Chapter 8

Enhancing Food Security and Sustainable Development in Pakistan: Agricultural Advancements under CPEC

Urooj Aijaz, Nooreen Mujahid

Chapter 9

Sustainability of Water Resources along CPEC: Assessing Current Supply and Projecting Future Demand

Garee Khan

Chapter 10

Sustainable Development in the Region: Environmental Risks Related to SEZs-CPEC

Nighat Moin, Liaqat Ali

Chapter 11

Unraveling the Human Narrative: Exploring Well-being and Perspectives of Border Communities along the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan

Khalid Mehmood Alam , Tahir Mahmood, Zia Uddin , Mehfooz Ullah

Chapter 12

Unlocking Economic Potential: CPEC-Driven Investment and Trade Opportunities in Gilgit-Baltistan

Zaigham Ali

Chapter 13

Understanding the Susceptibility of Gilgit-Baltistan to Fifth Generation Warfare: The Case of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

Imran Ali

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